100 wc 29/11 week 8

… we seemed to be on the television…

My goal is to use more dialogue in my writing.

“Wow 2 amazing girls are on television. I wish I could go on television it would be an absolute dream for. Anyway one of them aren’t going to drop out.” Lily talking to herself as everyone one knows she would want to be on that show.

Ring, ring from her telephone and she gets a phone call saying that shes invited to the show. Lily goes.

She does the act better than shes ever tried before. Astonishing.

She gets back home to see her on television with the person she was performing with.

… we seemed to be on the television…




Missing-Hundreds and Thousands

Many years ago a little girl called Jessica had a beautiful heartwarming family and were so rich that they have such a big house for only three people.

When Jessica went to school the first thing she sees when she walks in the school gates is eyes looking at her like crazy. One day after school she had the best day ever. she jogged home to get to her room.

“Mum, I need some food!” Jessica yelled, starving as ever.

She walked into her room leaving the door open behind her. she was in darkness. Darkness everywhere. Jessica suddenly realised that she left the door open behind her wanting to get out of what looked like an awful place to be at. when she heard a noise she looked back and saw a long row of doors and same on the other side.


Camp Wyuna- Queenscliff

Beach survivor-

“Wow, a long walk to the beach.”

Beach survivor was one of the best activities out of the whole camp and luckily it was so fun. The first thing that we did in the beach survivor was play octopus but with noodles, we had to touch them with a noodle and then whoever you got they are one of the octopuses.

The next thing we did was a game called rock, bridge and tree where you had to jump over the rock, go under the bridge and go around the tree. With your team you need to be faster than the other team to win a point. That was fun as well.

The funnest thing was we got a plank and we had to dig a hole for everyone to fit under without anyone touching the plank but we lost. That was so fun to do and was so could.

The last round of beach survivor was he had to make the best castle that had to fit everyone in it. They were the highest walls around, the most creative and the last category was the over-all winner and apparently we won that round but over-all we had a tie with the other team.




like-you really like something

unlike-you do not like something

do-you can do something

undo-you cant do something

capable-you know that you can do that

uncapable-you know that you cant do that

fold-your folding something

unfold-you unfold it

unorganize- you dont know what to do

organize-you know what to do






Habitat: Lots of meerkats live in the dry spots like the Savanna and the deserts in a big mob called a clan. In their homes outside of captivity they can live up to ten years and in captivity they can live up to fifteen years of age.


Why is there so much pollution???

What is pollution?

Pollution can often be invisible for a lot of reasons, but if you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not causing any damage to the world. It’s actually causing a lot of damage to the world and our health. You can get lots of different pollution on earth which is bad because that means there are more ways that you can get ill.


The Haunted Van

” Are you deaf, you need to do your chores because if you don’t mum’s going to get really mad,” Trisity yelled in frustration.

” I’ll go then,” replied Trisity’s sister, Madeline.

So Madeline went to her secret place she always goes to calm down and relax. It’s warm and very creative and sometimes she even sleeps there. Her chore is collecting wood from the fire which is more boring than anything. Every time she goes she feels like something bad is going to happen, but she’s been doing the chore for six years and nothing bad has happened.



Mpps Should Not Get a Swimming Pool

I truly believe that we should not get a swimming pool at mpps.

Do you realise that mpps should not get a swimming pool. Unfortunately people will miss out on their time in the classroom. Don’t you know you don’t get to learn your proper education in the school time that we have. Your parents payed for you to learn educational facts at school not swim everyday on and on. Naturally I feel that when you’re older you might be a great swimmer but you need education to help you with most things in the future.

Clearly there’s not enough room for a swimming pool in the school. Of course we can’t just instantly make more space in the school for a massive swimming pool. Obviously we can’t put it on the oval or playground because we don’t have enough space. The fact is that we can’t put it anywhere even if we had enough space it would be to crowded because everyone would want to go in the pool.

Do you realise pools can be dangerous for lots of people. Most people would agree that when kids are diving they might not know that it’s shallow and they could injure themselves. It’s not good that people can fall of the edge because it’s to slippery or if someone purposely pushes them of. How would it feel if you got pushed over by someone? I’ve been pushed over by someone before and i got a blood nose.

That’s why I think mpps should certainly not get a swimming pool.


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