Habitat: Lots of meerkats live in the dry spots like the Savanna and the deserts in a big mob called a clan. In their homes outside of captivity they can live up to ten years and in captivity they can live up to fifteen years of age.

Prey: Meerkats are omnivores and because they’re pretty small they eat small creatures so they can get their nutrition so they can survive. They have a really good sense of smell which allows them to target prey that is lurking around from under the sand.

Predators: The worst threats to meerkats are the birds of prey such as hawks and eagles that can see from very high distances in the sky. The meerkats ground predators are snacks. Because of these serious attacks there is always a guard to protect the rest of the clan that warns them if there is any danger.


Diet: Meerkats are omnivores so their diet is mostly just insects which they can sniff out using their amazing sense of smell. They also eat rodents, fruit, birds, eggs, lizards and even poisonous scorpions. In captivity their natural habitat is good for them to scatter around when they’re trying to get food.

Breeding: Meerkats are always mature after at least one year. Lots of young ones are born in between October to April but unfortunately when they’re born there ears and eyes stay closed for approximately 2 weeks.

Behaviour: Meerkats will form together to create a mob and to attack whenever they see something who tries to sneak into their burrow. They use a range of calls to alert if something is coming their way that looks dangerous. Other meerkats stay behind when they’re in their mob so they can take care of all the little ones who are slow. When the young ones become older they get taught survival skills when they’re leading their own mob.

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