Camp Wyuna- Queenscliff

Beach survivor-

“Wow, a long walk to the beach.”

Beach survivor was one of the best activities out of the whole camp and luckily it was so fun. The first thing that we did in the beach survivor was play octopus but with noodles, we had to touch them with a noodle and then whoever you got they are one of the octopuses.

The next thing we did was a game called rock, bridge and tree where you had to jump over the rock, go under the bridge and go around the tree. With your team you need to be faster than the other team to win a point. That was fun as well.

The funnest thing was we got a plank and we had to dig a hole for everyone to fit under without anyone touching the plank but we lost. That was so fun to do and was so could.

The last round of beach survivor was he had to make the best castle that had to fit everyone in it. They were the highest walls around, the most creative and the last category was the over-all winner and apparently we won that round but over-all we had a tie with the other team.


Mountain bike riding-

The next activity we did was the mountain bike riding and lily and I were in front and going pretty fast during the ride. We were going to the beach and when we were riding closer to the beach it smelt so much like seaweed and I got really sick of the smell but I was fine afterwards.

The view was amazing and when I was riding the beautiful breeze was so cold. The mountain bike riding was one of my favourites because I’m really good at it and the bike ride was super long. It also gave me a lot more confidence riding a mountain bike because I don’t usually do. It gave me more practice riding a bike.

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