Missing-Hundreds and Thousands

Many years ago a little girl called Jessica had a beautiful heartwarming family and were so rich that they have such a big house for only three people.

When Jessica went to school the first thing she sees when she walks in the school gates is eyes looking at her like crazy. One day after school she had the best day ever. she jogged home to get to her room.

“Mum, I need some food!” Jessica yelled, starving as ever.

She walked into her room leaving the door open behind her. she was in darkness. Darkness everywhere. Jessica suddenly realised that she left the door open behind her wanting to get out of what looked like an awful place to be at. when she heard a noise she looked back and saw a long row of doors and same on the other side.

Jessica realised that she was stuck. she had no idea where she was so she tried yelling. Jessica yelled so much that she lost her voice.

“Hello! I’m right here you know! Someone! Help me quickly before i explode into a thousand pieces! Jessica tried to yell knowing that no one would answer.

With all the surrounding her she felt scared and innocent. She started to check all the doors one by one hoping she would find her way back t her comforting home. Door, by door, by door she still hasn’t found her way back.Suddenly in a blink of an eye the doors changed colours to a minty emerald green colour. Jessica slowly started to think nothing was wrong. While she was going through all the doors she found different statues in each room figuring that the statues all stared at her like she did something wrong.

The next doors had locks on them  so if she wanted to find her parents she needed to open those doors right at this second. Jessica felt like she was trying to figure out those locks for days until she finally unlocked the last lock on the last door.

While she was so happy going through the doors she left all of them open. She realised that she had ad turned around seeing………………….                                                                           No one ever new what happened to her and no one ever saw her from that day on!!!!!



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